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Camp Sweyolakan 100th Birthday Celebration

Come join us to relive those great Camp Sweyolakan memories with all your friends and celebrate camp’s 100th birthday!

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Saturday, July 2nd and 3rd, 2022


  • July 2nd: Birthday Celebration  9am - 5pm
  • July 2nd-3rd: Staff Reunion  4pm - 10am
  • July 3rd: Birthday Celebration  9am - 5pm

Due to the incredible demand for attendance we encourage participants to sign up for one day of the celebration. Programs for each day will be the same so pick whichever day works best with your schedule.

Round trip boat transportation from Coeur d'Alene will be included.

Every birthday celebration needs a birthday present! Here is ours...a much needed refurbishment to the camp boat! This boat plays a crucial role in bringing over staff, volunteers and campers from the landing to our dock, making multiple trips across the bay a day!  The cost of the project is $10,500 and it includes the following:


  • Re-designed gates for better access getting on/off
  • Electrical and lighting repairs
  • New seat cushions
  • Full color wrap of the boat

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