Camp Fire Inland Northwest | Light the fire within!

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Jump right into your camp experience with plenty of training in all the things you need to know! Whether you are at Camp Dart-Lo Day Camp, or working at our overnight camps at Camp Sweyolakan, you’ll build your skills in all things related to kids! We spend time providing training on supervision, group dynamics, and basic care for our campers. Counselors will leave our trainings ready to tackle the summer with a group of awesome campers! Kitchen assistants staff gain experience in food preparation and storage, commercial kitchen management.

Skills you will develop:

  • Communication, counseling and leadership
  • Responsibility and work ethic
  • Collaboration, team building, and conflict resolution
  • Empathy, humor, and active listening
  • Activity planning and follow-through
  • Organization, time management, and program administration
  • Public speaking and improv
“Camp Fire has given me the skills to go into my teaching program with confidence!”

Revamp your resume to highlight your camp experience!

We can show you what it could look like on your own resume! Camp Fire Camp Seath over in Seattle Washington has put together a handy cheat sheet to structure your resume when you work at camp. Check our the tips and tricks they recommend on how to translate your job description and responsibilities from camp to wherever you next job takes you!

Resume guide here!