Camp Fire Inland Northwest | Light the fire within!

Camp Store

Campers will have the opportunity to visit the camp store, affectionately named The Trading Post, each morning of their session during Camper Choice stations. Items vary each season, and will include t-shirts, hats, plushies, water bottles, stickers, and more. We do not sell food, drinks, or candy in the store in an effort to ward against critters in camp. Store item prices vary from $0.25 to $15.00. There is a new camp shirt available each year for $15.00, which can be pre-purchased during registration or in-person at the Trading Post.

Store Punch Cards 

Camp Dart-Lo is an unplugged environment and in 2023 we implemented a new approach to spending in The Trading Post. Punch cards are only available for purchase in the drop off line at Camp Dart-Lo, or at each bus stop, on Mondays in the morning or the afternoon. Punch cards are sold in denominations of $5, $10, and $20. 


  • Punch cards are non-refundable and non-transferable from session to session, camper to camper, or camp to camp so campers are encouraged to purchase a punch card only for what they anticipate they will spend during one session.
  • Multiple punch cards may be purchased (i.e. $5 and a $20 punch card) at one time; cash; check; & debit/credit are accepted.
  • The camper name will be added to the punch card and campers will be encouraged to spend the full amount while in attendance. 
  • Punch cards will be kept on file in The Trading Post to ensure they are not misplaced or lost.
  • Camp Store punch cards may not be purchased after the first day of camp.

Please do not send money in your camper's belongings to camp- a staff member will be available at check in to collect ay money.


Punch Card Refunds

Processing refunds or returning unspent money is costly and time-consuming. Punch cards are non-refundable. Expectations to this policy include inability to visit The Trading Post due to early departure or a camper groups inability to visit The Trading Post during the session. In these cases, the punch card may be transferred to a later session or refunded post-session. Refunds may take up to 30-days to process.