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Camp Fire Clubs

Serving youth from ages 3 to 18, Camp Fire helps boys and girls learn and play side by side in comfortable, informal settings. Our co-ed programs allow parents to consolidate schedules for both their daughters and sons.

Clubs can be found in neighborhoods, schools and sometimes at churches or community centers. Each group is individualized by age, location and meeting times however we do have clubs with multiple ages. Clubs are led by two club leaders who are typically parents of club kids or Camp Fire volunteers.


Contact our Club Coordinator, Kasey Cloaninger, at and we'll find the right fit for you and your child!


2020 Club Update

Clubs will be virtual this fall! The council is working on providing strategies for leaders to be able to host club meetings online while still giving youth valuable learning experiences. The council is hoping to provide one program a month in order for kids to earn an emblem! More updates on these new calendar changes will be coming soon!

Ways to join Camp Fire!


  • Start a club
  • Become a member of a pre-existing club
  • Become an Independent Member (participate in the Candy Sale independently!)

How to start a club

Club Calendar

Our council makes sure that our club kids are getting the opportunity to try many new activities! Along with club meetings hosted by leaders, the council puts on additional programs that club kids can come to and learn new skills and experience new things. They can even earn an emblem at these events!

Camp Fire Candy Sale

Each year club members have the opportunity to participate in the candy sale and earn their way to summer camp! Through the sale youth learn the importance of goal setting, business ethics, community contribution, responsibility and so much more. The sale takes place in late January and runs until the end of February. Sales & Sense Trainings provide new sellers with the opportunity to learn and practice skills that can come into play throughout the candy sale. The council also arranges times where sellers can sign up to sell candy at their local Rosauers, Super1, Fred Meyer, Walmart and Yokes storefronts.

In 2020, 90% of Camp Fire club kids participated in the candy sale and they greatly surpassed their original sales goal! We are so proud of all the hard work our kids and their families put in. We are excited to see what the 2021 sale brings!


If you are interested in participating in the candy sale, please call the Camp Fire office at 509-747-6191 or email Kasey at