Camp Fire Inland Northwest | Light the fire within!

Camp Fire Wish List

Camp Fire is dedicated to our youth and community. Over the years, our camps need new items to ensure the prosperity of our mission. All in-kind gifts are tax deductible in accordance to state and federal law.

Please take a look at our needs and reach out if you can help us fulfill these needs! 509.747.6191 |

New Truck

We need a new (to us) truck. We are looking for a one ton (2500) or larger truck that can be used at Camp Sweyolokan.

New Car

We are looking for a new, or new to us, reliable car. This vehicle will be used for urgent transportation and to replace our old van that needs an exorbitant amount of work.

New Motor Boat

To ensure a safe and comfortable trip to camp, we are in need of a new boat for urgent situations or one person trips.

Washer & Dryer

Help us keep our linens clean! Camp Sweyolakan is in need of an electric washer and dryer.

New Roof for Dart-Lo

One of our camps is in dire need for a new roof. Lets work on keeping our lovely camps in the best condition possible. Please reach out via email ( for further information and to donate.

Dart-Lo Pools

Our pools at Dart-Lo are a great way for everyone to cool off and play on those hot days! We want to continue to have campers play in our pools. We need to work on them to ensure their longevity. Help us by donating to maintain these gems!

ATV/Side by Side

Camp Dart-Lo is looking for a utility small vehicle to help with projects all around camp.

Document Fire Safe

Help us keep our important documents safe from fire. No one expects a fire, but being prepared is imperative to keeping our documents safe.