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Camp Leadership Staff

Poppy White, Director of Camping and Program Services

Miss Poppy (she.her)
Miss Poppy has spent more than 20 years as a youth development professional in international travel and camp settings. A past Camp Director at Camp Sweyolakan, Miss Poppy oversees program quality, youth protection, staff development, camp culture, administration, and operations at both Camps Dart-Lo and Sweyolakan. She works closely each summer with both camps’ directors and has a strong mentoring presence at each camp.

“Each summer I love to see our campers and staff grow a bit more into their amazing authentic selves. Summer camp is one of those non-traditional learning spaces that allows youth the opportunity to try, fail, succeed, and ultimately grow in a safe and supportive environment. It is crucial to the development process, and I feel fortunate to facilitate that opportunity for youth.”

~Miss Poppy



Christopher Gibbons, Camp Director

Mr. Chris (he.him.his)

Mr. Chris is entering his 21st year at Camp Sweyolakan. He has spent his time as a camper and CIT, as well as serving for the past ten years as a Counselor, Unit Director, CIT Director, Assistant Camp Director and now, Camp Director!

“I am excited to spend the summer working with and developing our staff so that they continue to provide unique and enriching experiences for our youth. This year, a lot of my former campers are now staff members and CITs, so I am also so excited to see them all continue to grow into fantastic leaders.”

~Mr. Chris

Maria Anderson, Assistant Camp Director

Miss Drew (she.her/s)

Miss Drew has been working at Sweyolakan for six years and considers camp her home away from home. She loves teaching youth how to enjoy going outside of their comfort zones. Her favorite camp activities are canoe trips, attempting to dance on paddleboards, and eating mostly cooked Bisquick with campers.

“This summer I am excited to support our campers and staff in having fun outdoors, learning more about themselves, and forming lifelong connections.”

-Miss Drew

Noah Dylan Joseph, Camp Director

Mr. Noah (he.him.his)

Mr. Noah is very excited to return to Camp Dart-Lo for his third year as Director. Approaching his 9th season on staff and 19th season involved with Camp Fire Inland Northwest, he looks forward to providing youth the same outdoor experience he got to enjoy growing up. Whether it's prepping for Cookout day, hiking up to Alf's house, or jumping in the pool, Mr. Noah loves every aspect of camp.

“There is nothing better than walking around campus and hearing the laughter filled memory making experiences that campers and staff are having together. I look forward to seeing you at Camp Dart-Lo this summer!”

~Mr. Noah

Mackenzie McNeilly, Assistant Camp Director

Miss M&M (she.her/s)

Miss M&M feels privileged to be the Assistant Camp Director at Camp Dart-lo this summer. She has been working with Camp Fire for 6 years at both camps, serving in roles such as counselor, lifeguard, unit director, and ACD; she absolutely loves it. Miss M&M loves being in nature all summer long and playing with the campers.

“I believe Camp Fire is about inclusion, connecting with nature, and fun; every kid should have the experience of going to camp. I’m most looking forward to Wednesday overnights. See you this summer!”

~Miss M&M

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