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Camp Sweyolakan is a “boat-access” only camp located on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene’s beautiful Mica Bay. This makes transportation planning each day of your camper's session crucial.

Camp Staff will accompany campers on the van. Campers under the age of 7 must provide their own booster seat for use in the van. Please clearly label booster seats with the camper’s full name and grade in the fall. You are responsible for your camper’s safety until loading occurs and immediately following unloading. At the end of the day, all campers must be signed out by an authorized adult.

Photo ID required at pick-up each day for the safety of our campers. Approved identification includes a driver’s license, military identification, state issued ID or passport.

Van Stops

The times and locations listed are approximate; please allow a 10-minute window for drop-offs and pick-ups. We are unable to wait more than 5 minutes after the scheduled time above in order to maintain the route schedule.


Missing the Van

If you miss your camper’s van stop, call (208) 664-9327 as soon as possible; you may be able to drop-off/pick-up your camper at a later stop. At the end of the day, if you have missed all previous van stops, your camper will be taken to Super 1 Foods in Hayden, Idaho where a counselor will stay with your camper until you arrive. In these cases, you may be invoiced for childcare fees.



In the case that your transportation type needs to be changed inside 2 weeks or you have questions, please contact the Camp Fire Office. You can also call the Camp Fire Office with questions or changes in authorized adults. For emergencies, or last minute changes, please call Camp Sweyolakan at (208) 664-9327.


Van Rules

Please review the following guidelines with your camper to prepare them for a fun and safe ride:

Stay seated and keep seat belts buckled at all times.

Keep all body parts inside the vehicle.

Remove personal items and garbage when leaving.

Follow directions given by staff/the driver.


Planning on taking your camper to the Camp Sweyolakan Landing?
Find more information and directions:


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