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Mail & Email

Campers love to receive mail. Friends and families can send mail in advance. We do our very best to distribute mail every day. Please note that regular program planning may delay mail disbursement.


If sending care packages, please read the following:

No Food- To discourage camp critters (raccoons and rodents) from getting into cabins, we require that you not send food or candy.

Non-food ideas for care packages include playing cards, books, drawing materials, games, stuffed animals, and toys.

Camp Sweyolakan offers pre-assembled Care Packages that can be added during enrollment or after by calling the Camp Fire office.

Due to camp’s location, all packages must be sent through the United States Post Office.  Camp Sweyolakan is not responsible for missing packages sent via UPS or FedEx.


US Postal Service Address

Camper's Full Name - Grade in Fall

Session #

Camp Sweyolakan

34313 W Coeur d’Alene Lake Shore

Coeur d’Alene, ID  83814


One-way Email

Camp Sweyolakan provides free email service for campers. Emails sent to the following address will be distributed to campers once a day after lunch. Campers do not have access to return emails. We do our best to distribute mail each day. Campers do not have access to computers for return communication. Send emails to Emails sent to any other email address will NOT be delivered to your camper.

Include the following in the SUBJECT field to ensure your message is delivered to the correct camper:

Camper’s Full Name / Session # / Grade in Fall