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The following transportation information is for full-week overnight sessions at Camp Sweyolakan.

 Outbacker Day Camp & Mini Camp transportation information is available here.


NEW 2020 

Camp Sweyolakan is no longer offering bus transportation to/from Independence Point in Coeur d'Alene. Due to the low number of bus riders it is no longer a service we can provide. We encourage campers to carpool when possible. If you are experiencing difficulties getting your camper to the city dock for boat transportation please contact us, we may be able to offer suggestions or connect you with another camper.

Boat from Coeur d'Alene

Drop Off: This year, to minimize large numbers during check in we have staggered arrival times; please do not attempt to check in prior to your designated time. Check in times are as follows:

• 7:40am – 9th-12th graders (includes CITs)
• 7:50am – 7th-8th graders
• 8:00am – 5th-6th graders
• 8:10am – 1st-4th graders

If you are checking in more than one camper, please arrive at the youngest camper’s check-in time.

Adults will be asked to leave immediately once their camper has completed the check in process to reduce the gathering of large numbers on the dock.

The last check-in time is 8:10 am. The boat will depart at 9:00 am, if you miss the boat, please call the Camp Fire Office at (509) 747-6191.

When you arrive at Independence Point you will park your car and pay for parking.

• We request that only one (1) adult, and no other persons, accompany the camper for the check-in process to limit the number of interactions for our campers and staff. Please leave all others at home or in the car.

• Put on your masks and approach the table to the right of the gangway to be screened by a nurse. Please maintain 6 ft distance from other families as you wait in line. One of our healthcare staff will be happy to begin your check-in process.

          • Head down the gangway wiht your child to check in with a staff member to get group assignments and say final goodbyes.



Pick Up: On the last day of each session, the “Big Boat” will transport all campers from Camp Sweyolakan to the Independence Point Dock in Coeur d’Alene. Our staff will ask to check your photo identification and verify that you are listed on our Authorized Adults list. You will be asked to present your ID at pick-up, so please be prepared.

In an effort to adhere to social distancing recommendations, we are staggering pick-up much the way we did at drop off. We ask that you arrive within the following times to pick up your camper(s). Please do not arrive prior to your designated pick-up time. If you arrive too early your campers’ luggage will not be available and you’ll be asked to stand aside until your designated time.

Pick-up times are as follows:

• 10:00am – 1st-4th graders
• 10:10am – 5th-6th graders
• 10:20am – 7th-8th graders
• 10:30am – 9th-12th graders (includes CITs)

If you have campers in multiple age groups, please arrive during the OLDEST child’s pick-up time.


Directions: From I-90 take NW Boulevard south all the way downtown, turn right at Lakeside Drive into the parking lot.

Do NOT enter "Camp Sweyolakan" into your GPS. Enter "Independence Point, Coeur D'Alene"

Please review the following guidelines with your camper to prepare them for a fun and safe boat ride:

No running on the boat

No standing on the rails, hanging on the rails, or throwing anything over the rails

Please do not touch the luggage in the middle of the boat

Save your lunch to eat later at camp with your counselor

You must be going into 7th grade or above to ride on the upper deck

Please respect the boat and our environment by putting all trash/litter in appropriate receptacles


Delays can happen; sometimes there is an event on the lake that delays our boat, but it can be merely the time it takes to change campers from the beach to the boat and move the luggage! In the event of delays, camp will be in communication with the Camp Fire Office. Every attempt will be made for a staff member to be stationed at the pick-up/drop-off location(s) to inform our campers' adults of the situation and the estimated time for the boat to arrive.