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Camp Sweyolakan

Camp Fire Camp Sweyolakan on Lake Coeur d'Alene  helps youth build strong characters, values and life skills. Geared for campers 1st - 12th grade, we're a friendly, inclusive and diverse community of campers and staff who share a love of the outdoors! With several options for week-long overnight camp, Camp Sweyolakan has something for everyone. First time camper? We offer a shorter session for those just wanting to get their feet wet in a 2-night experience. Not ready to stay overnight? Camp Sweyolakan offers three 5-day Day Camp Sessions.

Campers are placed in small groups by age at the beginning of the week and a counselor stays with that group for the entire week. Groups share a cabin, plan their days, and participate in fun activities together.

Registration closes at noon the Wednesday before the camp session starts. 

View the 2022 Camp Schedule and enroll today:

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Our programs philosophy centers on age-appropriate activities and progression. Activities may include:


Arts & Crafts






Nature Programming

Outdoor Skills

Ropes Course



                                                                           and much, much more!

Information Station

Visit the Camp Sweyolakan Information Station for more information on transportation, packing for camp and any other questions you may have leading up to camp. After registration you will also receive a Welcome Guide and other helpful information to your email address.

Don't hesitate to call our office (509-747-6191) if you have any questions!


Camp Sweyolakan Overnight Information Station


Camp Sweyolakan Day Camp Information Station

You Bet I CAN!

For Campers with Special Needs

Camp Fire wants every child to have the opportunity to participate in the magic of camp. Campers with special needs can take part in camp activities alongside their peers through You Bet I Can! Special Needs Overnight Camps. Campers must be able to navigate uneven terrain and be toilet trained, or attend with a caregiver to assist with tasks. Limited space available- register early!


Learn more here!


Outbacker Day Camp

Open to campers in grades 1-6, Camp Sweyolakan Outbacker Day Camp lets kids enjoy traditional overnight camp - without staying overnight. This is a great way to see if your child would enjoy a week of overnight camp.

An Overnight option is available for kids to sleep over for one night during the week. It includes dinner in the Dining Hall, evening programming along with resident campers, and a delicious breakfast the next morning! An additional fee applies when you register.

COVID Update - Due to implications of COVID-19, stay tuned for more information regarding Outbacker overnights in 2022.


Camp Sweyolakan Day Camp Information Station

Location & Transportation

Camp Sweyolakan is located on 300 acres of forest on the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene. It is only accessible by boat. Camp Fire Inland Northwest provides a variety of ways for campers to arrive at and depart from Camp Sweyolakan to and from the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas.

Driving Directions to Independence Point (drop-off and pick-up for all Full-Week Overnight Sessions)

Driving Directions to Sweyolakan Landing (for Mini Camp, Outbacker Day Camp, Family Camp & Special Events only)

A.C.A. Accredited

Camp Sweyolakan is accredited by the American Camp Association, meeting high standards in health, safety, and program quality.


Our Philosophy


Camping in the out-of-doors is the normal extension of Camp Fire’s small group-centered program. It is also a unique educational and recreational experience. The outdoor environment reinforces the Camp Fire approach to working with youth. A Camp Fire camp is any place a group of youngsters with mature leadership has an organized, outdoor experience while living in groups. It may be a group campsite in the park, a day camp, on a farm or at a council owned resident camp.


The basic strength of Camp Fire programs anywhere and under any circumstances, is the unique characteristic of the small group and of the attention provided for each individual. The program is an overt effort to confront the great variety of individual differences in a loosely structured, child-centered way. It is a concerted effort to help each child grow to adulthood through their own experiences. Camping is no different. It, too, must emphasize the small group; the individual attention; the acceptance of difference; the loosely structured, child-centered approach.


A Camp Fire camp is a microcosm in which all the elements of life are intensified by the total environment. It is a place where optimum conditions for learning to live with one’s self and with others can be created. It is an outdoor learning laboratory with unique opportunities for campers to understand their relationships with their environment. A Camp Fire camp focuses on the creative enrichment of an individual. It is an oasis for children and adults; a land of fun and adventure and learning where great depth of understanding can grow from the simple.


Program Objectives

  • Give as many children as possible the opportunity to attend camp through community awareness, public relations, financial aid and donations.
  • Encourage camper development of skills with can be used in leisure time through a program of progression in swimming, canoeing, sailing, boating, archery, crafts, and outdoor living skills.
  • Provide campers, within the limits of their capabilities, the opportunity to plan and carry out their own activities with the help and guidance of counselors.
  • Provide all children with the opportunity to mingle with diverse populations and develop an appreciation of individual differences.
  • Maintain the safety, health, physical and emotional well being of the campers in all phases of the camp program.
  • Develop in each camper nature appreciation, a concern for ecology and a desire to help preserve our environment.
  • Provide program and site plan which will encourage campers to return to camp year after year.
  • Provide opportunities to learn and practice group living skills.