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camper expectations

Camp Dart-Lo expects that all campers will:

  • Comply with the DO NOT BRING list (see Packing List)
  • Follow the safety rules of camp.
  • Take only appropriate photos and videos at camp and refrain from posting on the internet or using them in any potentially public or objectionable manner.
  • Cooperate with other campers and staff.
  • Respect the rights and properties of others.
  • Listen and follow instructions.
  • Participate in activities.

All youth are entitled to a pleasant and harmonious environment at Camp. The program cannot serve youth who display chronic or severe disruptive behavior. This behavior can be verbal or physical activity, which may include but is not limited to, behavior that:

  • Requires constant attention from staff.
  • Inflicts physical or emotional harm on self, other camps, or staff (including hazing, harassing or bullying).
  • Displays destructive behavior.
  • Continually ignores or disobeys camp safety rules.
  • Includes use or possession of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, incendiaries, matches or explosives, including threats or claims to have weapons.

If a camper becomes a serious behavior challenge to staff, the Camp Director will notify the primary account holder of the situation and discuss a resolution. If improvement does not occur or a resolution cannot be determind, the camper may be dismissed form the program. No refund will be issued.