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Financial Assistance

Camp Fire Inland Northwest believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience camp and find their spark.


Camp scholarships are provided for families who are financially unable to pay the full fee for attending camp. Camp scholarships are funded by United Way of Spokane County, the Henry Day Neewahlu Trust and Camp Fire Inland Northwest's generous donors. Opportunities for assistance may also be available through Northeast Spokane Kiwanis' Camps for Kids program.
Click here to view their website for additional information.

The financial assistance application may be completed and submitted online. Proof of household income is required. Please keep in mind that submitting an application does not register your child for camp. Please allow 5-7 business days for complete applications to be processed. Once assistance has been awarded, you'll receive an email with instructions for registering with the scholarship amount. 


Please check back in the spring for the 2021 Financial Assistance Application.


My daughter just got back from Camp Sweyolakan; she can't stop talking about her week at camp. She was nervous, but excited to meet new friends and enjoyed how her group really got along; she had a great time with them. She really enjoyed getting to swim and create nicknames for each other. She thought the counselors were awesome, she enjoyed Miss Swimbird a lot. She felt like an adventurer from all the hikes they went on.

We appreciate the financial assistance so much. I hope to donate back in the future so that another family can have this experience as well. Thank you so eternally much.

-Camp Sweyolakan Parent

Camp provides my son with the opportunity to channel his energy from his ADHD in healthy and fun ways. He has the opportunity to make friends, grow, and learn. The memories my son makes at camp will be with him for years to come. I will never forget the smile on his face the day he passed his swim test! Or the first letter he received from Pluto, the special talking tree. I appreciate the scholarship program and donors immensely. Without the help of donors I would not have been able to afford to send our son to camp while I myself am attending college. The donations make it possible!

-Camp Dart-Lo Parent