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Tips and Gratitude

Donations to Camp Fire Camp Sweyolakan are welcome, but our staff members are prohibited from accepting tips and gifts. We would love to hear about outstanding staff members and encourage you to contact the Camp Director or the Camp Fire office or note it in your post-camp survey to share this information.


Visitors in Camp

Visitors to camp during our summer sessions are not permitted. You can find camp leadership staff and virtual tours of camp on our website!


Camp Rental

Camp Fire Inland Northwest has two beautiful properties that may be the perfect location for your special event. Camp Dart-Lo in North Spokane has day facilities with year-round opportunities now available. Camp Sweyolakan provides open-air sleeping accommodations June through September for conferences and retreats (blackout summer camp dates apply). Visit our rentals page for more information and to apply.


Kiwania Week

The last week of each summer is Kiwania Week, so named to honor the monumental impact the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Spokane has made to Camp and youth over the last 100 years. In the past, campers would form "bands" and spend the week traveling by canoe around the lake. A popular destination was Mt. Sticker (now Mt. Coeur d'Alene) where campers would climb to the ranger station at the top. The "bands" would return at the end of the week to a midnight banquet. Today, campers still form "bands" within their units, each choosing band colors and a mascot. Colors are to dinner each night with the exception of the final night banquet for which campers wear their very best "Blues & Whites." Each unit revives an old camp song and makes up a new one to perform on Banquet day. Due to the young campers who now attend Camp Sweyolakan, the banquet has been moved from midnight to earlier in the evening.

Kiwania Week is a high energy, loud, and often heavily stimulating week with the energy of the entire summer culminating in this final session of camp. It is not recommended for campers that are easily overwhelmed or overstimulated.