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Pre-Camp Forms

Required Forms

All Camp Sweyolakan and Camp Dart-Lo campers are required to:
Read through and sign a Success Contract
Complete a Health History Form
Complete an Inclusion Assessment
Complete an Authorized Grown Ups Form
Complete a Photo Release Authorization

Health History Form

Due 2 weeks before camp

Health History is recorded through our enrollment system and is due 2 weeks before the start of your camper's session. This allows our staff to prepare for and attend to the needs of your camper; it includes information about medication, dietary restrictions and allergies, immunizations, and medical conditions. Campers will not be admitted to camp without current Health History information; completion is required annually. Following enrollment this form will be available to fill out in your account under the forms and documents section.

Physical exams are recommended every two years, but are not required. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have so we can help make your camper's experience a positive one.

Your camper’s personal health information is kept as secure as possible, shared only with the Health Care Staff and those who work directly with your camper. If any information changes after you complete the form, you can log in to update the form anytime up to two weeks before camp; you will find this form under Forms & Documents on your CampMinder account. To make changes less than two weeks before camp, contact the Camp Fire office.


Click here for more on health care & medications!




The Camp Success Contract is a tool for helping to prepare you and your Camper for a Camp Fire Inland Northwest Summer Camp. It allows us to set expectations and help your Camper know what to expect when they arrive at camp, and therefore, to be more comfortable. It allows you, as the responsible adult in your Camper’s life, to understand what they will experience and how to support them through the process. Used in conjunction with the Camp Handbook, the Success Contract allows you to ask questions prior to your Camper heading off to camp. This document is to be signed 2 weeks prior to camp. Campers will not be admitted to camp without a current Success Contract; completion is required annually. The Success Contract and Camp Handbook will both be available following enrollment in the Forms/Documents section of your camp account beginning on March 1 of each year. Please complete this required form no later than two weeks prior to the start of your first session.


Camper Inclusion Assessment

This is your chance to tell us what you would like to get out of your camp experience and allow us to get to know your camper better, please complete this questionnaire no later than 2 weeks prior to start of your first session. Camp is generally a stimulating environment and most campers come to us with a great deal of excitement and energy.

This form is the perfect place to tell us if your camper is uncomfortable with thunder storms, struggles with loud noises, hates to brush their teeth, or is afraid of spiders.  Anything that you tell us will help make this an enriching experience for your camper.

The Inclusion Assessment can be accessed after enrollment in your account under the forms & documents section. Please complete this required form no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of your first session.



Camper Photo & Authorized Grown-Up Forms

Also located under Forms & Documents is a place for you to upload a photo of your camper and let us know if we can use photos of your camper in our social media and marketing; this form is called Photo Release. Also, please take a moment to let us know who is permitted to pick up your camper by completing the Authorized Grown-Ups Form. Both of these are required for your camper to attend any camp session and are required annually.


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