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Special Needs Camp

You Bet I CAN!

Campers with special needs are encouraged to attend Camp Dart-Lo and Camp Sweyolakan. Both camps can accommodate YBIC campers ages 6-21. Our inclusive program focuses on building skills and gaining self-esteem as part of the outdoor experience. Campers with special needs have the opportunity to say "You bet I Can!" and participate in all our camp activities alongside their peers. Campers must be able to navigate uneven terrain and be potty trained, or attend with a caregiver to assist.


You Bet I CAN! sessions at Camp Dart-Lo and Camp Sweyolakan are weeks where we are able to assign a Camper Buddy to assist campers with special needs while they're at camp! See more about Camper Buddies below.

What is a Camper Buddy?

A Camper Buddy is a fellow camper that supports your child throughout the week; helping carry gear to different activities, communicating their needs to the group, and just as a special friend to stick by their side during camp! While Camper Buddies do receive guidance on how to support your camper through a Special Needs Assessment, they are not trained caregivers.

Campers that require assistance beyond what Camper Buddies are able to provide have the option to bring an adult caregiver with them to camp. Please call the Camp Fire office at 509-747-6191 for more information!

YBIC Session at Camp Dart-Lo

YBIC Session 1:  July 12 - July 16

YBIC Session 2:  July 26 - 30

YBIC Session 3:  August 9 - 13


YBIC Session at Camp Sweyolakan

YBIC Session 1:  July 5 - 9

YBIC Session 2 (Mini Camp):  July 28 - 30

YBIC Session 3:  August 1 - 6


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Have additional questions about our YBIC programs? 

Please feel free to contact our office for more information and to see if Camp Dart-Lo or Camp Sweyolakan You Bet I CAN! programs would be a good fit for your child!

Phone: 509-747-6191