Camp Fire Inland Northwest | Light the fire within!

Why Summer Camp?

There is so much competition for our children’s time during the summer — sports, summer school, well-deserved vacations. But camp is truly a gift. Camp Fire was created to guide young people on a journey of self-discovery. At Camp Fire camps youth have the opportunity to dig deep inside and discover their “sparks,” their personally defined nuggets of potential. Our society needs a generation of future leaders who understand the dynamics of community living, have tolerance, and are one with nature. At Camp Fire, we’re proud of the role we play in guiding young lives to appreciate themselves and the world they live in.

ACA Accreditation

Camp Fire Camp Sweyolakan and Camp Fire Camp Dart-Lo are in compliance with hundreds of standards and regulations as required by the American Camp Association (ACA) and various government agencies. Our camps meet or exceed standards in all areas of health and safety, programs, transportation, qualifications of staff, food service, sanitation and site.

Safety & Health Care

Our mission is to work with parents to provide the best experience for your child. Campers must be able to navigate rugged, uneven terrain. If you have concerns about your camper’s ability to walk on rough trails and up steep hills, please contact us with specifics. All campers must be potty trained.

A Health History is required annually and ensures we have the most accurate health information on your child.

Camp Sweyolakan and Camp Dart-Lo partner with CampDoc. Specifically designed for camps, CampDoc consolidates and integrates health information into a centralized and secure location for our camp nurses and staff. Most medications are held and dispensed by staff. Epi-pens and inhalers are kept with the camper and they are assisted as needed. First Aid and CPR trained and certified staff, as well as emergency transportation, is available at all camps.

Camp Staff

Counselors, lifeguards, activity specialists and support staff come from diverse backgrounds, much like the campers they serve. National background checks are just the beginning. Staff are carefully screened and selected for their desire to work with campers outdoors, ability to teach and lead, and be positive role models. Laughing and having fun with campers is also an important quality of staff. All staff receive intense training before the camp season begins, as well as ongoing support throughout the season.

Special Needs & Inclusion

You Bet I CAN! (YBIC)

Camp Fire is open to everyone. We embrace the uniqueness of every individual and family and want every child to have the opportunity to participate in camp. Our inclusive program focuses on building skills and gaining self-esteem as part of the outdoor experience. Campers with ANY sort of special need are encouraged to attend our camp sessions. We are a legacy partner of the National Inclusion Project – Lets ALL Play program. Your camper will have the opportunity to say “You bet I CAN!” (YBIC) and participate in all of our camp activities alongside their peers. Sweyolakan accepts campers ages 6 – 25 while Dart-Lo can accommodate campers ages 6 – 21. Campers must be able to navigate uneven terrain and be potty trained, or provide a caregiver to assist with the task.


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